Pavel – ‘Beginner’s Mind’

Pavel is the solo-project of Alex Cooper, one half of Vancouver based duo Mesa Luna; purveyors of rich, melodic and rather exquisite electronica.

Having unveiled the new project with debut track ‘Alright’, Cooper is back with ‘Beginner’s Mind’, a second single from a forthcoming 10-track EP, which is out May 13th. The latest effort offers a slightly different side to Pavel’s sound. It’s a downtempo, chilled electronic excursion with a slow and steady beat, mellow organ and a generally laid-back, late night demeanor. ‘Alright’ was a wonderful introduction to Cooper’s new side-project and ‘Beginner’s Mind’ builds on that. With a 10-track EP set for release in May, thankfully we won’t be waiting long for more. Definitely looking forward to hearing it!

You can check out ‘Beginner’s Mind’ below and if you’re in the Vancouver area, you can catch Pavel along with a whole host of others at the Toast Collective on May 13th – all the details are here.


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