Introducing: Mesa Luna

Mesa Luna

Vancouver based duo Mesa Luna, comprised of Justice McLellan and Alex Cooper, have a knack for rich, melodic and rather exquisite electronica.

Recorded in various places around the city such as cafe basements, bedrooms and an old empty bank vault, the pair will release their debut EP, Crux, toward the end of this month, October 24th in fact. Ahead of their forthcoming EP, there are already afforded us with plenty of reasons to get excited. Rich in textures and melodic subtleties, a hint of melancholia pulses through the veins of their absorbing sound, which has certain similarities to Boxed In, Hot Chip’s more down-tempo moments and some DFA stalwarts. From the sombre, downtempo psychedelia inflected electronica of ‘Ruins’ to the peaceful, introspective, spaced-out and thought provoking kind of mood inducing ‘Don’t Let Go’; it’s hypnotic, absorbing and all irresistible grooves. ‘Church Garden’ meanwhile, flits between subtly euphoric and vaguely ambient as chiming notes, fluttering keyboards and yowling synths combine with snappy beats, which are delivered with pin point accuracy. The result is a blend of warm sounds with a crisp frosty elegance, creating a absorbing hypnotic, comforting sound collage. Quite simply; Mesa Luna are one of the finest electronic pairings to emerge this year.

There are a few choice cuts below to further convince you and Mesa Luna’s Crux EP is out on October 24th via nbd Label.

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