SQRD – ‘Beast’


SQRD is a musical collaboration project between two long time friends from Sweden, based in Berlin and Stockholm respectively.

Influenced by the likes of Caribou and Weval, The electronic duo’s debut single ‘Beast’ displays a similarly impressive style to their foregoing influential luminaries. Unfolding with a slowly developing atmosphere, this is broody electronica with a exploratory tenor, that swells across four minutes of captivating, pulsating ebbs and flows. Propelled by a relentless rhythm, it moves with fast-paced fluidity through melody, hypnotic build-ups and dank drifts of chilling distorted vocal. In addition, the advent of electro chimes and fluttering keys lend a ray of light, culminating in a compelling and stylish track, that navigates nicely between contrasting claustrophobic gloom and sheer beauty. An altogether impressive introduction to SQRD and hopefully there’s more where that came from, sooner rather than later.

For now though, you can listen to ‘Beast’ below.

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