Introducing: Effin


Last month we said goodbye to Welsh psych wonders, Sen Segur, who called time on the band after a five and a half year stint of sharing supremely engaging modern psych-pop tunes with us.

Every cloud has it’s silver lining is would see. While obviously their demise was not welcome news, from the ashes of Sen Segur comes Effin, a new musical project from Gethin Davies. With Effin, Davies embraces a fusion of lo-fi-indie and garage rock, bound together with a haze of melodic bliss and a sort of dogged loose non-conformity and relaxed aura, to reveal subtly addictive songs. The first material from the new project is a pair of singles, ‘Farwell’ & ‘Tria Eto’. ‘Tria Eto’ revolves around a gentle acoustic strum, soft percussion and a soothing combo of mellow meandering, free flowing melodies and Welsh language lyrics. This wispy, airy vibe is married with some rockabilly/surf rock flavours for a very pure, warm and wonderful laid-back sound. ‘Farewell’ meanwhile, is an almost entirely instrumental track, driven by a rumbling bassline of intent and interspersed with some well placed grainy riffs, that veer off toward more psychedelic surf territory, for a harder edged lo-fi-indie and garage blend. Two wholly addictive songs that combine melodic bliss with realness and a free-flowing creativity. Effin brilliant.

Hopefully there’s plenty more where that came from but for now, you can check out ‘Farwell’ & ‘Tria Eto’ below now. If you’re in the neighborhood, there are some shows lined up around Cardiff too, check the dates here.

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