Introducing: Peaness


There’s something familiar and retro-leaning about Chester trio Peaness – Rach, Balla & Jess – who dare to jangle in the long shadow of their influences. Early days they may be but the trio appear to have figured out the deceptively simple, age-old secret to transcending influences: just write top notch songs.

These three Cheshire lasses provide an injection of buoyant surf-pop-rock goodness, just in time for summer. Their surfy-guitar-pop-jangle is laden with effortlessly sweet harmonies, catchy riffs and sharp hooks; the ones you could hang your hat on. From the bright and bouncy solid indie stomp of ‘Summer Song’ to the super buoyant ‘Fortune Favours The Bold’. In three minutes, they unleash a sunkissed blitz of catchy riffs, melodies and sweet heavenly harmonies, that are all coated in a light fuzz and imbued with youthful energy and assuredness. Two charming, addictive and perfectly formed songs bursting with cheery, chipper and uplifting vibes, the kind of tunes guaranteed to raise a smile.

Peaness have a debut EP in the works at the moment and it should be with us very shortly. For now, you can check out ‘Summer Song’ & ‘Fortune Favours The Bold’

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