Introducing: Feuds


Feuds are Irish indie-rock quartet – Evan Bruton, Luke Whelan, Adam O’Sullivan & Liam Dunne – from Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.

Taking inspiration from a mix of ’80s/’90s era indie and post-punk, Feuds’ indie-rock stylings have a grainy, scratchy and unpolished imperfection at its core. Rough around the edges it may be, this coarseness is not to be confused with lacking skill, this foursome can play. The gritty raw materials of slant-edged rhythms, fuzzed riffs and snappy percussion provide the perfect vehicle for ponderous and reflective lyrics, and combine for an eminently ear pleasing experience. The imperfection only adds to the many charms of their sound, something borne out on their recently released their debut EP, recorded in the Hive Studios, Kilcoole by Eoin Whitfield of Enemies. The likes of ‘Tear Me Down’ and ‘Beautiful Mess’ capture this aesthetic perfectly, both tracks have plenty of grunt, the bass in particular, as it mingles with some searing riffs for indie-rock with quite some bite. Yet it maintain an endearing quality (and a repeatable experience) with some poppy sing-a-long melodies. A solid and encouraging opening hand from a promising young indie foursome.

You can download their debut EP, Lost Againhere, you just gotta ‘name your price’.

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