Trwbador – ‘Several Wolves’


Welsh duo Trwbador have released a third single and the title track from their latest album, Several Wolves.

Since their formation in 2010, the pairing of Owain Gwilym and Angharad van Rijswijk have thus far yielded many breathtaking and spectacular moments. Trwbador have quite a habit in this regard, and proven a plentiful source of serenely beautiful, otherworldly music, merging folk and glitchy electronica. The latest single ‘Several Wolves’ finds them at the peak of their prowess. Effervescent, inventive and saturated with electronic melodies that swish around the outfit’s folk origins. Pulsating, throbbing bass and synth work skirts around Angharad Van Rijswijk’s distinctive crystalline voice, creating a shadowy, otherworldly feel. It is a gentle collision of worlds, and weaved together with perfection to keep a firm grip of their identity while forging something rather unique.

‘Several Wolves’ is released on April 6th, while the album of the same name is out now (stream here).

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