R.SEILIOG – ‘Peripheral Thermal (Left)’

r.seiliog 2014 new

One of Wales’ greatest hidden treasures, and quite possibly the county’s most unique talent, R.Seiliog is back with his first new material since 2013′s fascinating Doppler mini-album.

Hidden or not, the mere mention of new R.Seiliog happenings is enticing, intriguing and greeted around this parts like a stoppage time winner! The new track, ‘Peripheral Thermal (Left)’ is yet another of hypnotic, genre-defying majesty – once again bending the lines between exhilarating electro and propulsive Krautrock. A perfect balance is eeked out between the beauty of glistening strings, dripping percussion and floating airiness, and blended so perfectly with popping glitches, crunching beats, winding electronics and shifting looping synth. It all sounds repetitive, minimalist and yet, splendidly lush at the same time. No idea as to where this is headed yet, stand alone track or part of something more substantial? Either way it’ll find it’s way into many hearts.

R.Seiliog is clearly a one-of-a-kind, and always an enticing and intriguing prospect which shows absolutely no sign of abating – just time then to indulge in ‘Peripheral Thermal (Left)’ below.

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