Introducing: Dan Amor

Rainhills Trials

Rolling out of the mountains and valleys of North Wales comes songwriter Dan Amor, and his new album Rainhill Trials, due for release 12th May 12th.

Rainhill Trials is Dan Amor’s fourth LP, yes fourth LP. In normal circumstances a talented artist with a hefty back catologue would preclude an ‘introducing’, but outside of his Welsh homeland, his delectable talents have remained largely untapped source of aural pleasure. Performing in both Welsh and English, he slips between the two, retaining his own sound and style, infused with Welsh culture. Amor is drawn to obscure and different sounds, which work to shape these beautifully frail songs, that radiate a lingering warmth. The frailty in his work recalls moments from Syd Barrett’s fractured solo years or early work of Graham Coxon. Similarly, so does the feeling that Dan Amor is an unassuming personality with buckets of talent but slightly uncomfortable sharing it with the rest of the world. Ahead of Amor’s forthcoming album release, ‘Sister Anne’ illustrates what he’s all about. A beautiful piano led ditty, ‘Sister Anne’ is a classic pop song, very ’60s, ‘Beatles/Lennon-esque’ even – it’s reflective and introverted with the vocal often delivered in a hushed, semi-spoken voice. ‘Dusk Bird’ offers an equally self-effacing but grittier insight. A marvelous talent and one which just might be about to have his cover well and truly blown wide open.

Rainhill Trials is out on May 12th through Recordiau Cae Gwyn Records, home to fellow Welsh language musos Sen Segur and Mr Huw. Check out ‘Sister Anne’ & ‘Dusk Bird’ below.

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