Mystery Jets | ‘Someone Purer’ + Album news

Mystery Jets last record, Serotonin, left something of a stale taste in the mouth. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t necessarily a bad album, it was just some way off the standard of the near perfect Twenty One. Hey, no one said it would be an easy task.

Anyway, Mystery Jets are back with ‘Someone Purer’, the first single from their poorly titled and fourth album Radlands. Harrison’s vocals draw you in, slowly, leading into a massive chorus, before being hit with into a that recognizable blitz of wonderful indie. Dodgy album titles aside (it really does sound like an old NES game), it’s good to have them back and hopefully will surpass their previous effort.

Radlands is released on April 30th and will be followed by a pretty extensive UK tour, no Irish dates as of yet.

Mystery Jets – Someone Purer

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