ADULTROCK – Poplife (Feat. Jen Connell)

ADULTROCK has received much adoration on this blog before. It is of course the electronic project of Gavin Elsted, singer and guitarist with We Are LosersPray, let the music worthy of such applause continue.

His latest track ‘Poplife’, as the name suggests, is a more poppy affair than before. It’s a dreamy, relaxing track. It coasts along a crest of what can only be described as LCD style beats, while the soothing tranquility is crowned by Jen Connell’s calming vocals (formerly of Hooray For Humans).

Download ‘Poplife’ for free below and there’s plenty more tracks over Adultrock’s Soundcloud too.

Download: ADULTROCK – Poplife (Feat. Jen Connell)

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