Introducing: Byron | Articulate & Witty UK MC

Raised in grey, British suburbia of his hometown of Slough, MC and lyricist Byron, has been bubbling under the surface for a while releasing numerous mix-tapes and tracks. Fueled by a passion for poetry, a diet of UK Grime and Garage and a desire to have his say, he has turned his insight and frustration into something terrific.

His frustration, story-telling abilities and articulation culminate in intelligent and informed stories of what he sees all around him, lyrics are delivered with razor-sharp wit, humour and sometimes aggression and anger. The music has a very Garage and Grime feel to it. ‘Don’t Hate, Work Harder’ is a perfect example of this, while ‘All Part Of The Magic’ and ‘Don’t Judge A Book’ display his story-telling abilities.

Byron is a talent and a very promising one at that. There is no reason why we shan’t be hearing much more about him in the future. 

You can spin a few tracks below or dowload his latest release, Deep Lyrics Dirty Beats Part II for free.

Download: Byron – All Part Of The Magic

Download: Byron – Don’t Hate, Work Harder

Download: Byron – Check This Out (Freestyle)

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  1. Harry O'Connell

    Byron is ill, him and Bang On! are two of my favourite up and coming MC’s at the mo. Here’s all the music played in the Project X film, with Bang On’s Hands High ! @bangonmusic @bigdadarecords


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