Knoxville Morning – ‘The Lighthouse Song’

For many people outside Newbridge it must seem as though there’s something in the water, given the flow of music from the town right now.

The latest, Knoxville Morning, began life as a side-project of Band on an Island’s Ciaran Dwyer, before, in time growing into something far bigger. On this self titled debut he is joined by fellow BOAI members and the likes of Stefan Murphy, Gavin Elsted, Brian Gallagher, Claire Prendergast, Stephen Fahey and Laura Caffrey.

Before the album arrives in June it is preceded by single, ‘The Lighthouse Song’, a sweet, tender and ballad of friendship which tips gently along delicate acoustic strumming. It really is a beautiful little song. I have been lucky enough to hear some of the other tracks live too and they have been rather impressive.

You can stream / download ‘The Lighthouse Song’ below and judge for yourself.

Download: Knoxville Morning – The Lighthouse Song

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