Jo Marches – ‘Monsters’


Jo Marches – an Utrecht outfit fronted by the inimitable Johanneke Kranendonk – specialise in heady brew of psych-infused swirling synth-pop, sophisticated pop sensibilities and infectious melodies.

New single ‘Monsters’ is absolutely no exception. Lifted from their forthcoming new EP, Day In Day Out, released on October 26 2018, ‘Monsters’ is exquisite. Ushered onward by a pulsating rhythm section, as giddy stabs of synth punctuate the woozy sea of flickering, shimmering atmosphere, it makes for a magical wavy, entrancing psych-infused synth-pop. The aura of instrumental enchantment is the perfect pairing for Kranendonk’s voice cooing harmoniously over the captivating, layers of sound collage. All in all, an elegant, exquisite and entrancing piece of psych-infused synth-pop; magnificent!

‘Monster’ will take its place on a new EP which is due out in October, and its political tones will sit proudly alongside the other tracks’ topics of feminism and mental illness.

For the time being, get yourself acquainted with ‘Monster’ – if it is anything to go by, the EP promises a lot.

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