Paracutá – ‘We Are’

Album Art

Paracutá are New York City trio Caroline Feldmeier (Vocals, Guitar), Ernesto Lúcar (Vocals, Guitar) & Sean Vinci (Vocals, Drums), whose sound comes from a fusion of Americana, Indie, Power Pop and Post-Punk.

Bring these influences together in one unified sound, the trio’s enviable aim is to distill a sound and a feeling comparable to the adolescent experience of finding that new album you completely wore out listening in your bedroom. Their latest single ‘We Are’ certainly evokes similar emotions and embodies their mission. It is a melodic and swooning cut of americana-tinged indie buoyed with heart swelling melodies. Aided and abetted by a warm organ hum, everything is coated in a mild, warm layer of fuzz and interspersed with buzzing riffs and burrowing basslines which creates the most natural (and finest) environment for tender, open and intimate vocals to win what’s left of your heart over.

You can sample the delights of Paracutá below, with their sublime new single ‘We Are’.


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