Lucavietski – ‘Trust Your Self’


There isn’t a huge amount of info available on Lucavietski. What do we know? He’s a producer based in the UK. His real name (or one provided) is Andrei Stan, and he crafts captivating, beat-driven tunes.

His latest single, ‘Trust Your Self’ was released earlier this year and a post has been in the pipeline for sometime (time, the eternal enemy). It is a stunning exposition of Lucavietski’s abilities; it is an elegant and crisp production. It is a downtempo sojourn through a wistful world of hip-hop inspired beats, plinking keys, humming synth and luscious strings that swells to an inspiring, wholly optimistic climax. ‘Trust Your Self’ stunning production and one that is deeply affecting, and given the overwhelmingly positive and optimistic vibes, you be all the better for it.

Listen to ‘Trust Your Self’ below – letting it into your life could be the best thing you do all day.

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