Tom Terrien – ‘Pathfinding’


French producer and multi-instrumentalist Tom Terrien has been in the music making game for close to two decades now, and it shows, in a good way.

The Toulouse-based artist has a deft touch when it comes to fusing genres and styles, something acutely obvious from his latest single ‘Pathfinding’. It gracefully floats in an ambiguous limbo of experimentation, between subtly euphoric and vaguely ambient. ‘Pathfinding’ is patient, slow-building and reveals itself gradually while sustaining the rhythm and protracting the promise of yet more to come. Captivating through repeated propulsive beats and swirls, chinks of light emerge from the hypnotic elegance, for a climactic finish enveloped in mild euphoria. ‘Pathfinding’ is a nine-minute-masterclass in precision, sound and style.

You can listen to ‘Pathfinding’ below. It is out now, and joined by companion track ‘Persistent Thought’; listen here.

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