Introducing: Lucky Beaches


Looking to the past for inspiration is common place in modern music, after all, isn’t everything is borrowed? And when it done well, it can be very rewarding.

A case in point is Lucky Beaches, an artist originally from Liverpool but now residing in Los Angeles. Lucky Beaches latest single ‘Go It Alone’ is an unashamed throwback to a bygone age, carefully crafted with an obvious love and care. Steeped in the sounds and mystique more commonly associated with his native Merseyside, ‘Go It Alone’ is three-minutes of heavenly, classic pop-craft. Waltzing percussion, twangy guitar and a powerful, emotive croon combine for a journey through the time-honoured themes of love, loss, and heartache. Dripping with melody and harmony, it is overwhelmingly endearing, pitch-perfect pop executed with deft touch, elegance and excellence. A great combination.

You can listen to ‘Go It Alone’ and the slightly rockier, ‘Pink Champagne’ below, right now.

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