Introducing: Avid Walker


Vancouver duo Jared Langerud and Brendan Bleker, are Avid Walker, a couple pals making sun-soaked, melodic lo-fi pop in a bedroom studio.

The pair’s gentle, laid-back and calming sounds marry summery guitar grooves, effortless melodiousness and gently undulating, atmospheric effects. Latest single, ‘Sun In Eyes’, captures this Avid Walker aesthetic perfectly. It’s bright and breezy, yet there is an air of melancholy woven in, adding an emotional depth as it washes over you with a pleasant ease. ‘Conversations’ is a similarly bright and sunkissed tune, imbued with the same easy-going vibe and is just as alluring. They explore their way through an elegant sound, with a woozy, summery vibe, owing much to the majestic combination of gentle, soft instrumentation and hushed, whispering vocals. Playful but sincere, vulnerable yet confident and simplistic yet stylish; both tracks are catchy as, and will have you reaching for repeated plays.

Having released two sublime singles with nbd label this summer, a debut EP is expected through the Vancouver based soon, but there’s no confirmed release date as yet. Until then? Well, there’s ‘Conversations’ & ‘Sun In Eyes’. Check them out below.

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