Boxed In – ‘Foot Of The Hill’


Boxed In has made quite an impression the past 12 months, with ‘Run Quicker’ and ‘All Your Love Is Gone/Legacy’, a couple of phenomenal pieces of driving, propulsive alternative-pop.

Releasing two singles in a year is hardly prolific but quality should be favoured over quantity and so far, Boxed In doesn’t appear do anything other than astoundingly brilliant. Adding further weight to this testimony,  Oli Bayston & Co. are back with a brand new single, ‘Foot Of The Hill’, which precedes (drum roll please) the London trio’s as-yet-unnamed debut album, due out on January 19th 2015 via Nettwerk Records. ‘Foot Of The Hill’ is a vibrant, hypnotic and driven sliver of alternative-indie-disco, with a hint of LCD Soundsystem-esque funk, albeit with less of a dancefloor flavour. Light synth keys shoot across doodles of instrumentation as it is propelled forward relentlessly by a combo of meaty basslines, deep, earthy, and organic percussion and a hypnotic motorik rhythm, over which is laid a flow containing shades of the Jamie T ‘s to it. Yet another top quality track from Boxed In, on the form to date, their debut should be one to keep a look out for come the new year.

You can listen to ‘Foot Of The Hill’ below and will be released on November 3rd. The new single precedes, as mentioned previously, their as-yet-unnamed debut album, due out on January 19th

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