Sweet Baboo – ‘Motoring Home’


Obviously not content with producing one of 2013’s finest LP’s in Ships, Sweet Baboo is back with a brand new EP, Motorhome Songs, which is out in November. 

Sweet Baboo’s (aka Stephen Black) forthcoming EP is apparently the soundtrack to a fictional road-trip Black made with his family earlier this year and fronted by jaunty new single ‘Motoring Home’. It’s a sweet drifting ditty which only adds to the Welshman’s rep as one of finest purveyors of ‘indie-pop’, one with an unequivocally deft ear for a sparkling melody and a gift for an evocative lyrical turn. ‘Motoring Home’ has an amazingly transportive quality, whisking one away to the open road, nestled in the passenger seat of an old jalopy, head back, window down, cigarette in hand and feet propped up on the dashboard, with the wind blowing through an open window. 

Motorhome Songs is released on November 11 through Moshi Moshi but until then, you can occupy yourself with ‘Motoring Home’, which is available to download for free below. And also, if you haven’t already acquainted yourself with Sweet Baboo’s excellent album Ships, it comes highly recommended. 

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