(Video) Keith Moss & The Tightrope Walkers – ‘Fat Men Have To Eat’

Although he’s been around for a few years now, earlier this year Keith Moss and his trusty new band, The Tightrope Walkers his debut LP, What Eludes You Moves You.

The album is tainted with themes of darkness and disillusionment with Ireland, its people, and its politics is rife. In fact it’s shrouded in a pretty dystopian perspective, even it’s more tender or upbeat moments are afflicted by this outlook. Moss & company’s latest single, ‘Fat Men Have To Eat’, is pretty typical of what we’re talking about. It’s protest song with very ’60s psychedelic Sixties vibe to the picked guitar and almost-spoken word denunciations. Moss pulls no punches with a pointed backlash at the ‘political puppets’, greedy class and cute hoorism that brought Ireland to its knees, and the sheep-like electorate who voted to retain them in power. Putting the socio-political aspects aside for a moment, musically speaking it’s an damn fine song too. 

You can check out ‘Fat Men Have To Eat’ up above & you can catch Keith Moss & The Tightrope Walkers live in Whelan’s this Saturday (October 5th). More info here


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