Sweet Baboo – ‘C’Mon Let’s Mosh!’


Following on from the release of his brilliant album Ships, Sweet Baboo is to release his next single ‘C’Mon Let’s Mosh!’. 

The album is an absolute joy, filled with some of the most perfectly crafted indie-pop you’re likely to hear all year. Nowhere is this more perfectly demonstrated that on the gorgeous ‘C’mon Let’s Mosh!’. Touted as a concept album about the sea, and yes, there are plenty of sea related moments but the songs are mainly concerned with love and relationships, usually with a bittersweet edge. ‘C’mon Let’s Mosh!’ is no different, it’s an upbeat ode to love with that aforementioned bittersweet edge. The North Wales native is an idiosyncratic artist with an ear for a sparkling melody and a gift for an evocative lyrical turn. 

There are plenty of other highlights throughout Ships, an album guaranteed to bring sunshine into the dullest of days. ‘If I Died…..’ opens the album perfectly and features one of the best lyrics – “Daniel Johnston has written hundreds of great tunes, and I’ve got six, so I guess there’s some catching up to do” – and a delightful melody and irresistible swirls of brass. That’s followed the startlingly perky ‘The Morse Code For Love’ and ‘Let’s Go Swimming Wild’, shrouded in a woozy veil of melancholy before bursting into life with a brass-filled chorus that won’t leave your head anytime soon. Although it may not be enough to plant Sweet Baboo into the public consciousness just yet, it might not be to far far off. Ships is a wry take on lost love and heartbreak, sliding from darkly funny to piercingly tender, this is one of the most perfectly crafted indie-pop records for a long time.

‘C’Mon Let’s Mosh!’ will be released on July 29th and Ships is out now, both through Moshi Moshi. Check ‘C’Mon Let’s Mosh!’ & some other choice cuts below.

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