Pinkunoizu – ‘Second Amendment’

Pinkunoizu released their debut album Free Time! last year, a mixture of blissful, beautiful psychedelic sounds and pop-punk melodies. 

The Danish four-piece are back with a new EP, Second Amendment. It is a wholly more experimental half hour of assorted drones, instrumental freakouts and weird noises, with a focus on creating atmosphere. Recorded over the course of one day, the EP falls somewhere between the studio and a live performance, such is the seemingly unfettered organic exploration of sound. Although the EP comes highly recommend in it’s entirety, the two high points are ‘Moped’ and ‘Tin Can Alley’. Both are capable of sucking in even the most unwilling of ears. The melody on ‘Moped’ lulls you in with a repetitive loop and washed out drums, before raining down a swirling vortex of hypnotic, pulsating sound. ‘Tin Can Alley’ meanwhile, unleashes a swirling barrage of off-kilter psych-surf rock riffing

Having only discovered the first record recently, which is also worth your time, I couldn’t believe my luck when lo and behold this little treat popped up. ‘Moped’ & ‘Tin Can Alley’ are below for you listening pleasure and is out now through Full Time Hobby.

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