Introducing: Koloto

Koloto is the pseudonym of Canterbury based electronic producer Maria Sullivan (also bassist with math rock outfit Delta Sleep). She has been releasing tracks under her newly assumed alias since January this year, and there are some mightily impressive tracks in the bunch.

Koloto has a preference for home made, hand crafted sounds, which are intricately interwoven to create a unique, complex and often hard to define sound. Her latest release, ‘Antares’ is profoundly magnificent as a swell of chiming xylophone melodies are joined with bouts of frenetic glitched out beats. This is the juxtaposition of calm tranquility and chaos. ‘Sinope’ is an equally enchanting piece of playful beat work, a masterful ear for sound manipulation and glitch. This is very promising stuff from an artist whose free flowing imagination is matched in equal measure by her talent.

Koloto will release her debut EP in late summer and will be hitting the gig trail in the coming months too. Until then, get stuck into the tunes on offer below.

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