Introducing: Third Party

Third Party is Cardiff based music project revolving around the musical talents of Gruff Russell-Jones who have been knocking around Wales for a couple of years now. 

The tunes are invariably perky, infectious and likable, taking on the shared skin of both post-punk and pop punk. Lyrically it is irrepressibly delightful; simple,  honest and occasionally sharp tongued but always reeling against the miserable. Taken from the band’s 2011 EP, ‘Talking Shop’ and ‘Loose Connection’ display this aesthetic with emphatic style. Meanwhile their new single ‘Room With A View’ takes a more honed approach, less brash it is a jerky new wave number awash with quirk and rampant pop sensibilities.

Third Party are an unusual talent, without question. This is music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, preferring to make tunes that are both lively and fun. It is not an approach unique to them, what is though, is their ability at pulling it off without compromising the music.

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