Our Krypton Son – ‘I’ll Never Learn To Say Goodbye’

Our Krypton Son is the brainchild of Derry native Chris McConaghy. Having cut his musical teeth with various bands in his hometown he gathered close musician friends together in early 2010 to create Our Krypton Son; soon after which they signed with Smalltown America Records.

Our Krypton Son are now readying  the release of the self-titled debut album, and to whet the appetite somewhat, a special take of ‘I’ll Never Learn To Say Goodbye’, has been unveiled. Recorded/filmed in one take the Smalltown America studio during the closing recording session for the debut album, ‘I’ll Never Learn To Say Goodbye’ is a breathtaking song. A sombre, emotional and melancholy lament with a hint of uplifting spirit stretched to capacity by the tenderness of McConaghy’s vocals.

Our Krypton Son’s self-titled debut is out on 16th November through Smalltown America Records, judging by this latest nugget, not one to pass over.

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