Free Music: Wugazi – 13 Chambers

Sifting through the tripe in the world of mashups is tough work but when you find a special one, it’s worth it.

Minneapolis duo Doomtree (aka Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy) have decided to embrace the art of cut & paste by pitting the post-rock noisemakers, Fugazi, with the works of Wu-Tang Clan.

Aptly titled Wugazi, 13 Chambers, the duo set out a thirteen song collision course of extraordinary proportions, which really shouldn’t work but it does, oh how it does!

You can grab it for FREE from Here’s three reasons why below!

Download:  Wugazi – Another Cheeseboxin’ Arguement

Download: Wugazi – P.L.O. Squared

Download: Wugazi – Ghetto Afterthought

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