Hyde & Beast – Slow Down

So many side-projects fail to live up to expectations or reek of self indulgence. However, Hyde and Beast (comprised of the drummers from The Futureheads and Golden Virgins) have created something utterly lovely, perfectly summery and sunshine clad.

Sounding nothing like the jerky-arty-pop-punk purveyed by the Futureheads, Slow Down opts for a more retro ’60s/’70s bluesy sound, taking inspiration from T-Rex, The Kinks and Faces.

It paints a swirling psychedelic vision of pop from another era. Rather than a rehash of what other people have already done, like The Bees did with Octopus. 

The record meanders slowly, slinking through a wonderfully stripped and organic bunch of songs. From the psych-rocking opener ‘Never Come Back’ or ‘ (And the) Pictures In The Sky’ to the beautiful mellow of ‘Last Chance For A Slow Dance’ or the toe tapping twangyness and vocal harmonies of ‘You Will Be Lonely’.

Slow Down is a great album and deserves to be listened to by as many people as possible. They have melted down the ’60s and ’70s to create something new and timeless, it is with repeated plays it reveals it’s true value.

Slow Down is out August 15th on their own label, Tail Feather Records.

 Download: Hyde & Beast – (and the) Pictures In The Sky

Hyde & Beast – You Will Be Lonely

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