Yellowhead – ‘Immediate Relocation from Kitchen to Space’

Yellowhead is something of an enigma with a back story etc. non-existent say for a short statement: “Intended to get a posthumous fame, Yellowhead does the following: makes music, produces video art, occasionally performs at different places,writes texts, draws pictures, and so on”.

This mysteriousness doesn’t impinge on the record, in fact it’s bore out throughout the 7-tracks of Immediate Relocation from Kitchen to Space. The title too is pretty apt, a celestial spacey vibe permeates the very essence of the record. We are treated to a rich tapestry of synthetic soundscapes created through a disorienting collage of unusual sounds. The experimental use of household objects along with handclaps, bits of piano, tube trains, odd rustles, clanking and clattering leaves as a lasting impression. It is not everyday you will hear music such as this.

It is an exciting blend of crisp experimental electronic beats; fresh, chilled and full of class and depth.

Listen to the whole album here and download for a price of your choice.

Yellowhead – Punktierte

Yellowhead – Morning Lullaby

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