Avalanche Ammo // We Are Losers in Whelan’s

 photo by Sara Devine

 It’s been a while since I did any posts about live gigs. I’m not sure why because so far this year I’ve been to piles of shows.

Friday was a scorcher in more ways than one. The one day Irish summer was here as was the SquareD showcase in Whelan’s.

First up was Avalanche Ammo‘s (aka Kildare man Anthony Boland). Remarkably this was his first live show but apart from some first show nerves you would never tell. The one-man racket machine, ably assisted by a desk top PC (old school) ramped out a short but impressive set of LOUD melodic post-rock. Hopefully there’s plenty more live shows in the tank from this guy, interested to see if a full live band will be introduced in future.

What more can be said that hasn’t already been said about We Are Losers? Since seeing their first show at Hard Working Class Heroes last year they have endeared themselves to me no end, seeing them umpteen times since. There live shows continue to impress as does the new material. Their jangly, fuzzy lo-fi indie was bursting with energy and feel-good-vibes, just the trick to wash down a glorious days sunshine, including ‘Empty Head’, ‘The Narcissist’, ‘Cheerleader’ and a new tune (both of which are below).

Instrumental Dublin four-piece Alarmist rounded things off, obviously superb musicians, it just wasn’t my thing.

Anyway, a couple of video clips to indulge you including ‘Cheerleader’ and a new tune from We Are Losers.

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