Röyksopp – ‘Senior’

Album number four from Norwegian duo Röyksopp, Senior was recorded at the same time as 2009’s Junior but seen as “the introvert and darker sibling who lives in the attic” to last years quirky, jolly, bouncy and fresh sounding dance record.

In reality Senior is more of an afterhours record than a club floor filler as they scale the effervescent and melancholic synthesized soundscapes that have much in common with the works of 70s synth masters such as Krafwerk.

This isn’t a record for those seeking instant gratification, it is dependent on numerous listens and mood, which along with the whole concept idea was risky business. Not only is this admirable in itself but one worth taking as includes some of their best work to date – showcasing a more mature and expressive side with mood setting ambient instrumentals.

Röyksopp – Tricky Two

Röyksopp – The Alcoholic

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