200th Blog Post: Hooray!

The blog has been on the go for 6 months now and coincidently it’s accompanied by the 200th post (weird eh?). After much deliberation and many a sarcastic suggestion from my mates on how to mark this glorious occasion I decided to just go with two tunes from two of my favourite bands.

First up is from now defunct Sheffield band Milburn who were unluckily overshadowed by friends and fellow steel city natives Arctic Monkeys. While their sound is greatly similar to the early days of Arctic Monkeys, debut Well Well Well remains one of my favourite albums of the last 5 years and the deluxe edition includes a wonderful collaboration with Billy Bragg.

Next is Mod revivalists The Rifles who have a serious predilection for the good old days when bands like The Jam et al had something to say about British society and politics while bashing out catchy as hell tunes. Two albums in, a battle with the banks and they’re certainly carrying on this great lineage with style.

Milburn – Roll Out The Barrel

Mp3: The Rifles – Great Escape

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Thanks for reading – it keeps me outta trouble, sorta.

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