Maxïmo Park’s Paul Smith Solo Album

Maxïmo Park front man Paul Smith has announced he is to release a solo album Margins later this year. It follows band mate Duncan Lloyd who released Seeing Double a few years back.

The LP has been pieced together with friend and collaborator Andrew Hodgson over the past 4 years and is very much a side project as Smith went to great lengths to point out “I haven’t ‘gone solo’ like George Michael when he left Wham, I’ve just made an album in my spare time that I wanted to share with y’all”.

So far only ‘North Atlantic Drift’ has been leaked to us and it sounds different to Maxïmo Park – stripped down, meandering, warm, fuzzy indie with that instantly recognizable North-East brogue, not too dissimilar to the afore-mentioned Mr. Lloyd.

Paul Smith – North Atlantic Drift

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