Oxegen 2010: Saturday

From the outset Saturday’s line-up was less than an inspiring prospect, throw some miserable weather into the mix. Saturday was a day to see some new bands in enclosed places, no standing out in the spilling rain which meant no Two Door Cinema Club and no Kasabian either.

One of the more noticable things this year was the amount of more eclectic acts, mainly playing in the snug Red Bull Academy. Wild Beasts who came highly recommended were the first act I caught in there, one thing is obvious they are pretty strange and unique arty affair. It may not have been the most engrossing live show I’ve witnessed but it suited the mood perfectly, I will be checking their album out for sure. This was followed up by Dirty Projectors who I had enjoyed seeing once before in Whelans. They’re pretty off the wall in styles and rhythms, that said I like most of the couple of hundred strong crowd was captivated by their performance, now to try understand the records.

As the night drew in there was only one place to be, the Heineken Green Spheres tent for Hot Chip’s show and while it can be easy to take these guys for granted (as I almost did) if was clear from the off the right choice had been made. Opening with ‘Boy From School’ one of their biggest tunes showed the strength of their back catalogue and determination to thaw out a rather damp Oxegen. This was followed by the likes of ‘One Life Stand’ and ‘Over and Over’ making it nei impossible for the tent to stand still, erupting into a frenzy of dance. By the time ‘Ready For The Floor’ was unleashed everyone pretty much was – come back soon.

What happened next was the biggest surprise and absolute highlight of the night without doubt was Kele the former/on a break front man of Bloc Party, who knows? While his debut solo album The Boxer is pretty damn decent his blend of disco, electro and dance is definitely more suited to a live show. Kele himself seemed more at home, relaxed and enjoying life on his own without the mantel of Bloc Party over his head. From the off much like Hot Chip previously there was going to be no mopping, just dancing as he set the tent alight with wave after wave of electro tinged delight. It was a surprise though when he played a number of Bloc Party tracks,  ‘One More Chance’ re-imagined superbly for the set. There was no shock when expected highlight ‘Tenderoni’ prompted a surge of flailing limbs to the front – brilliant. It’s hard to see what the future holds for Bloc Party if this continues.

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  1. Eoghan

    You didn’t think Wild Beasts were goo dlive? I saw them in Cork in April and it is my gig of the year. The place was sold out, and the gig was enormous. One of the best Cork gigs I have ever been to.

    I had tickets to see kele earlier in the year too but alas work committments. Sadly it seems like he is fantastic live.

    As for Hot chip, I have never seen them live. Really feels like I am missing out

  2. barrygruff

    It wasn’t that I didn’t think they were good, more of a sit back and take it in type gig – didn’t intend it to come across that it was bad at all.

    Really enjoyed Hot Chip, saw them at EP a few years back and they were pretty boring – obviously a one off.

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