The Dole Q for Christmas No.1 Anyone?

I have mentioned before I’m not normally one for campaigns to get songs to No.1 etc. unless there is a message behind it, this is certainly an exception. A Facebook campaign to get Irish Hip-Hop pioneers Scary Éire ‘Dole Q’ to number 1 this Christmas has begun in earnest.

With a record over 450,000 people in Ireland unemployed this would send a pretty clear and concise message, it’s better than picking one Sony song over another. As a member of the growing ranks of unemployed workers in this country facing another Christmas without work I whole heartily support this campaign not only for the message but it’s a brilliant track, an Irish Hip-Hop classic.

This one will take a lot of work and spreading by word of mouth but you can start by joining the Facebook page and inviting your friends

Scary Éire – Dole Q

Thanks to my hombres over at Come Here To Me! for this one.

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