Humanzi ‘Kingdom of Ghosts’

Another overdue look at a deserving album, this time from Dublin’s Humanzi which follows in the same vein as BRMC & Audio Bullys receiving some well-earned kudos.

Humanzi returned earlier in the year with their second album Kingdom of Ghosts. It’s an album many probably thought they would never make following the low sales of debut Tremors despite big support slots, massive advertising and marketing campaign and a somewhat unfair critical backlash. Four years on, following decamping to Berlin, they have strode back triumphantly to our green and not so pleasant land with a darker more resolute album, aided in no small way perhaps by recording in an disused DDR radio station, in the very room where the East German National Anthem was originally recorded, and broadcast from. There is no seismic shift in sound, the dark and sleazy rock n roll influences of past remain, it’s the delivery, songwriting and importantly the production which hampered their debut that has greatly improved.

While many another band would have crumbled under the largely unfair critical backlash of their debut, thankfully Humanzi are made of tougher, more resolute stuff than that, returning with a bellowing, dark angry album for dark angry post Celtic Tiger Ireland.

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Humanzi – Hammer

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