Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ‘A Reprieve’

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were one of those bands which broke through in the last decade helping ‘save’ rock n roll from the doldrums of the Coldplay & David Gray types, however their latest album seems to have really rubbed critics the wrong way. For the most part Beat The Devil’s Tattoo has been slated, this post hopes to re-dress the balance somewhat.

Granted, there’s no new ground being broken here and lyrically it can be a little lacklustre, but, did they ever really break barriers? BRMC have found something they’re good at and are sticking with it; dirty, attitude filled, distorted riff laden rock n roll with flashes of blues, folk and psychedelia influences. This isn’t ever going to be regarded as a seminal album by any stretch of the imagination but if you’re looking for straight up rock n roll, look no further than BRMC. No need to throw out that leather jacket and sunglasses just yet.

Mp3: B.R.M.C. – Beat The Devil’s Tattoo

Mp3: B.R.M.C. – Conscience Killer

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