Introducing: Skp

Skp is a 20-year-old Belfast musician who makes music using Nintendo Gameboys and has been creating some fantastic 8bit electro tunes for almost a year now. To date he has played a number of live shows in his native Belfast and Dublin, one of which I was lucky enough to witness. For me this guy stole the show a few weeks back at a Richter Collective singles night in Twisted Pepper. His performance on the night was full of raw verve and vigour pumping out tunes to an appreciative audience, some like me were surprised to see through the darkness, behind all the equipment was an almost silhouetted figure going nuts lit up by a vague glow emanating from a set of gameboy’s, instantly reminding me of the famous Orbital head lights.

I’m a bit of a sucker for this 8bit sound which is probably down to a miss spent youth playing computer games but there is definitely more than a nostalgia buzz to this, there’s serious tunes here of that there is no doubt.

Mp3: Skp – Houston We Have a Problem

Mp3: Skp – Numbers Four Through Seven are Liars

Mp3: Skp – I Have Wolf Teeth

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