New Minitel Rose – Snake Girl

French 80’s fetishist’s Minitel Rose have returned to follow-up 2009’s A-Team and Knightrider inspired The French Machine, which succeeded in fusing the melodic sensibility of Klaxons’ with the over the top Justice-esque synths. The first sample from their new album Atlantique which is due out in May is a little different from their previous work, gone is the highly charged energetic electro and in is the mellow, steady, ever-growing drone of drums and synths. Still present is the overwhelming feeling of familiarity but not unoriginal, it’s like an old friend you haven’t met in a long time. It’s a good solid track which is still unashamedly French, not a bad thing at all and it’s certainly enough to whet your appetite for the new album.

Mp3: Minitel Rose – Snake Girl

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