Jthurston – ‘Black Sheep’

Jthurston or Jared Thurston is a hip hop artist and rapper from Oakland, CA.

Jthurston has made a name for himself locally as part of the NFK Music Collective (NewFound Kingdom) and in his own right with a recognizable style that switches from all around lyrical rapping to a more harmonizing flavour – a hallmark stamped all over soulful and timeless new single ‘Black Sheep’. It is lush and a super seductive groover that flows majestically along a bubbling bassline head-nodding, shuffling percussion with subtle and melodic instrumental touches. ‘Black Sheep’ oozes all the smooth, soulful and timeless vibes while Jthurston gently reveals his greatest attribute; his voice and melodic delivery.

Such a wonderful & easy on the ear tune – listen to ‘Black Sheep’ below:

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