Seatbelts – ‘Superstardom’

Liverpool outfit Seatbelts introduced their joyful brand of guitar pop with a slew of super singles – ‘Hey, Hey Tiger!’, ‘Content Crush’, ‘Capitalist Confession’ & ‘Black Strings’ – and absolutely nailed it with each and every opportunity.

Comprised from James Madden and Ryan Murphy of Hooton Tennis Club, and Abigail Woods and Alex Quinn, Seatbelts are back with new single ‘Superstardom’. Produced by Edwyn Collins, it is a bouncy three-minute celebration of human uniqueness as it skips along a jaunty strut and bubbling bassline while new wavey guitars glisten and woods powerful honeyed vocals soar above the seductive groover below. It is bright, playful and superbly addicting, and will no doubt have your head nodding and feet tapping. Seatbelts are a real favourite around these parts, each new release is a step up from the last and as utterly irresistible as ‘Superstardom’ is, I can’t help but wonder what they’ll have in store for us next.

Check out ‘Superstardom’ below and if that is to you liking, they’ve plenty more where that came from.

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