Fanclub – ‘Trespassing’

Austin-based indie-pop trio Fanclub – Mike Lee, Leslie Crunkilton & Daniel Schmidt – have been making a bit of name for themselves as a reliable source of lush, dreamy indie-pop since their emergence last year.

The trio have returned with a new single ‘Trespassing’, one as dazzling and irresistible as any that have proceeded it. It is an elegant, breezy and characteristically glossy slice of dreamy indie-pop. ‘Trespassing’ drifts along with a breezy air and whispering groove as shimmering guitars and lush electronics give way to subtle melodies and pattering drums as Crunkilton’s mellifluous vocals flow above; a final velvety layer to engulf you in the rapturous allure. This is utterly beautiful, beguiling and all together divine indie-pop; pure pop perfection – no question.

Listen to ‘Trespassing’ below:

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