Superheart – ‘2001’

UK-based producer Luke Batt aka Superheart has proven a ready and reliable source of comforting and dreamy electronic-pop over the past two years or so, and Batt is at it again. 

Marked by Batt’s flair for elegant, blissful and ethereal production, ‘2001’ is the latest in a long line of lush, dreamy and exquisite singles. ‘2001’ shifts over a soft shuffling beat and seductive, undulating melody as synths shimmer and twinkle amid a rich, slumbering atmosphere; a beautiful and exquisite backdrop for the ethereal, hushed vocals to shine as they gush through the haze, filled with warmth and richness. ‘2001’ is a glorious tune – ethereal and stirring in equal measure – it is quite simply flawless. Lifted from Batt’s latest EP Opening Credits, ‘2001’ is his finest work to date.

Check it out below:

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