Sywel Nyw – ‘Jumping Fences’

Sywel Nyw is the new musical project from Welsh musician and Yr Eira frontman Lewys Wyn.

For his new project, Wyn has traded indie-rock wares for a more dreamy synth-based sound experimenting with guitars, synths and drum loops.The first fruits of this new project comes in the form of stellar debut single ‘Jumping Fences’. It gently swaggers along a seductive, slinking groove sprinkled with shimmering guitar tones, psych brush strokes, woozy synth lines, melancholic riffs and heavenly harmonies creating a soothing and hopeful vibe. Marked by melancholy but brimming with optimism, ‘Jumping Fences’ is buoyed by hope and overwhelmed by warmth, beauty and swells with a powerful sense emotional resolution.Vocally meanwhile, ‘Jumping Fences’ shifts between English and Welsh organically, for a thoughtful and introspective look on the effects of social media – a glorious tune that will have you headed straight for repeated listens.

Tune in below:

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