Bels Lontano – ‘Lift the Sun’

Bels Lontano is an electronic music project from US-based composer and producer aka Bret Bohman.

Following on from his stellar introduction with debut EP Kind Decade early doors in 2019, he is back with a sublime new single ‘Lift the Sun’. Bels Lontano’s sonic touch strikes a perfect balance between opposing elements, a juxtaposition that feels natural and seamless, and that is the case once again. Introducing itself is a rather soft manner, it slowly evolves a much more vibrant and energised exploration as the various electronic sounds emerge. While propelled by harsh, crunchy beats the dreaminess never relents fully as cascading twinkling electronics and shimmering synths are never far away, which, along with rich textures and an ear for melody. A track of duality; it is equally at home on a dance floor or solitary consumption – a rich and rewarding experience.

Listen to ‘Lift the Sun’ below 

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