Introducing: Sid Steppes

Sid Steppes is a musician and songwriter from Southern California, whose dreamy psychedelic-pop sound is born from a penchant for DIY, writing and recording as he has in various bedrooms and makeshift studios.

Steppes’ debut album Trails is primed for release on May 31 and is inspired by heartache, depression and the path towards rehabilitating the mind, as well as a deep fondness for 60s and 70s psychedelia. Ahead of the debut LP, Steppes has shared a pair of singles ‘I’d Like to Go Away From Here Again With You’ and ‘Keep in Touch’. The former is a languid and beautifully sullen slice of psychedelia, dripping with a rich melody, it seductively swoons and swaggers in slo-mo fashion amid an eerie guitar line, steady drum and loping melodic guitar jangle, gently spill and sprawl over one another. It is wonderfully heartfelt, marked by frailty and vulnerability – lyrically and vocally – it also radiates a lingering sense of warmth and defiance in overcoming adversity. ‘Keep in Touch’ grooves along, gently slinking through vast layers of hazy and dreamy vibes. Soft drums keep us on track, while the woozy guitar and dreamy vocal duke it out for the limelight. Evocative, emotive and woozy slices of dreamy psych-pop that are every bit as alluring as seductive sounds Syd Barrett, Donavan or The Byrds.

Listen to ‘I’d Like to Go Away From Here Again With You’ & ‘Keep in Touch’ below – and keep any eye out for the album coming on May 31.

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