Jumanji – ‘Higher’


Jumanji are a six-piece indie pop band based the south coast seaside town of Brighton.

What they do, and they do it rather bloody well too, is craft bright, breezy and highly melodic indie-pop with dreamy riffs and really infectious feel – and are sure to be stuck in your head for days. Following in from the release of their previous single ‘Shindig’, Jumanji have ushered new one ‘Higher’ into the world – and it is simply exquisite. Aside from the bright and upbeat energy, dreamy riffs and catchy-as-hell melodic aura, what connects with the listener is Neneh Atkins’ soft melodious voice, bringing their delightful indie-pop sound to life. Jumanji manage to craft a sound that combines and intertwines catchy indie pop with a mature, rockin’ and perfectly formed sound; providing addictive, easy listening packed with plenty of punch.

Listen to ‘Higher’ below, you won’t regret it and that’s a guarantee.

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