Aphrodite Lion – ‘Only One’


Aphrodite Lion are Annie Graham and Mike Tinsley, an indie/alternative duo from Dublin.

The duo’s latest single ‘Only One’, isn’t a first musical foray having already attempted world domination with two EPs and an album, Monochrome Bisexual Triathlete. What ‘Only One’ does is, suggest a change in tact from Aphrodite Lion, rolling up their sleeves and turbo-charged their sound. It is an effective shift in direction toward bigger grooves, post-punk guitar riffs and clomping drum machine beats, which combine with some devastatingly seductive vocals from Annie Graham. Aphrodite Lion have stumbled upon and incredibly lovable and catchy-as-hell sound with ‘Only One’. Think of a less malevolent, more jaunty version of The Kills, say Blood Pressures era for example. 

‘Only One’ is out now from all the usual digital haunts. Also worth noting, when Aphrodite Lion aren’t making tunes, they’re writing about them on their excellent blog, The Lions Share – these musings come highly recommended. 

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