Crystal Stilts – ‘Future Folklore’


Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts are back with news of a new album, entitled Nature Noir, it comes out on 16th September via Sacred Bones.

Crystal Stilts’ previous two records, Alight of Night and In Love With Oblivion were both excellent, so it’s hardly being harsh to expect more of the same from the forthcoming album? ‘Future Folklore’ offers a glimpse into what’s to come and it goes someway to satisfying such lofty expectations. ‘Future Folklore’ thunders along from the off; a rumbling bassline, muffled drums, organ and snappy guitar solos are met with touches of blues, swamp rock, psych and post-punk. This all provides the perfect platform for Brad Hargett’s baritone croon to float upon as the music thunders along. Clocking in at just over two and a half minutes, nothing is left to waste, this is a good old fashioned rock ‘n roll jam. Magnificent! 

You can listen to ‘Future Folklore’ below, along with fellow taster ‘Star Crawl’; hazier and more psyched out yes, but it’s got that recoginsable post-punk drone.

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